Update 7-7-2023: Unfortunately the last remaining chick, which fell out of the nest earlier this week, was emaciated and dehydrated and expired within 24 hours of being brought to a rehabber. We have turned the camera back on so that everyone can watch how mom and dad do for the rest of the season. Our hope is that they are able to find enough fish to feed themselves so they can migrate south for the winter and return next year to raise healthy chicks! Let’s remember that this pair has successfully raised 1-3 chicks to fledgling age for at least the last 6 years (likely longer but we have had the camera for that long). Also, this nest is not the only nest experiencing a tough season…at least 6 nests around Great Bay are all facing similar issues, and at least a few nests in the Northeast are also experiencing chick deaths under similar circumstances. We hope for the success of the adults this season and a successful nesting season next year!

Update 7-5-2023:  The live camera has been turned off.  This has been a tough season for Osprey around the bay and we have received a lot of inquiries about the nest and unfortunately we are not able ot keep up with the amount of calls, emails, social media messages etc.  Thank you for understanding!

Watch the osprey nesting at our Discovery Center.  Osprey generally return to the area late March or early April, lay eggs soon after, and raise their young throughout the summer until they migrate south in late summer or early fall.

Our camera streams 24/7, so you won’t miss any of the action as these incredible birds to return to lay, hatch, and rear their young. Having problems with the stream? Contact us.