Nature Needs Heroes

The “Wellenberger Woods”, our natural play area at the Discovery Center, is a draw for kids of all ages. We love to watch how children interpret different aspects of the area and see where their imagination takes them.  We have worked hard to make it a place where kids can climb, balance, build, and explore and we are always looking to improve upon it. On September 18th a work crew from Timberland helped us complete some much needed work around the property, including giving the natural play area a boost.

Timberlands motto is “Nature Needs Heroes” and they certainly lived up to it here at the Discovery Center.  A total of 36 volunteers worked on 10 projects for 4 hours: that is 144 hours of hard labor. They helped us safely reinstall the swing, build a conical wigwam, add barrier plants to the edge of the playground, install a little free library, and build a neat little fort that the kids now gravitate to. Thank you Timberland! Come check out the play area, and make sure to bring your imagination.