National Estuaries Week is our favorite time of the year, and this fall is especially exciting because the Great Bay Reserve is turning 30! 

We know we never could have gotten this far without the tireless efforts of staff, volunteers, and partners who have dedicated thousands of hours to our mission. So this year we are celebrating the satisfaction we all get from protecting and enjoying a place we love by sharing our experiences on social media with the hashtag #ididthis. We hope you do the same!

Here are some ways you can join the fun we’ve planned:

  • On September 14th, come to a free workshop to learn about the life cycle of the monarch, how tagging is helping to track their migration, and what plants they need to survive. The workshop will take place at Great Bay’s Community Wildlife Garden located at Chapman’s Landing on College Road in Stratham, NH. There are 3 sessions, 9am, 11am, and 1pm.
  • On September 17th our Research staff, assisted by partners and volunteers, will complete the last day of saltmarsh biomonitoring for the 2019 field season!  Each year we collect saltmarsh plant data and record groundwater salinity at regular quadrats at several properties around Great Bay Estuary.
  • On September 18th, the Conservation Law Foundation, Great Bay Stewards, Seven Rivers Paddling, and the Piscataqua Regional Estuaries Partnership are doing a Great Bay clean up from 2–5 pm. Check out the Nature Groupies website to sign up, or call Melissa Paly at 603.502.0798.
  • On September 18th, Timberland is spending a corporate workday at the Discovery Center to build structures for our natural play area, repair gutters to enhance our rain barrels, remove invasive species, and restore native gardens. We hope you get a chance to get out there with your family, company or friends this week!
  • On September 20th, we will unearth a time capsule buried 20 years ago on the 10th Anniversary of the Reserve. What’s in the time capsule? Join us at 12:30 pm at the Great Bay Discovery Center to find out! Bring a sentence or two with your wish or prediction for the future of Great Bay and we will include it in the time capsule.