What is in the capsule? Find out on September 20th

The Great Bay Reserve turns 30 this year, and we are all about celebrating. We celebrate the passionate advocates who sparked action around Great Bay in the 1970s, the dedicated group of agency people who got our Reserve federally designated, and the tireless staff, volunteers, and partners who have dedicated thousands of hours to our mission. 

Together, we have built an organization that delivers environmental monitoring data to the public, answers scientific questions about Great Bay and how we are affecting it, connects thousands of school children to our natural and cultural history, and brings best practices and emerging science to the people who manage our natural resources and lead our communities.

And as proud as we are of our achievements over the past thirty years, our true legacy is a protected place on Great Bay that belongs to our communities. The need to have a place to go—to witness an eagle and osprey fight over a fish, to feel the mud between your toes, to start a journey by kayak or by intellectual curiosity—will never never leave us, and we will always be here.

It feels so appropriate that 30 is the pearl anniversary—what we have accomplished together for the bay we all love so much is beautiful and remarkable. Just imagine what we will do together next.

—Cory Riley,

Manager, Great Bay Reserve