Lend a Hand

We run on volunteer power!

The Great Bay Reserve relies on people just like you to help keep our Reserve healthy and beautiful for everyone to enjoy. We’ll provide guidance, tools, and camaraderie.
  • Some opportunities are on hold because of Covid.  Please check with Melissa for information about available volunteer opportunities.
  • Adopt a Spot: Help with the grounds maintenance or become a “deckhand” for one of our play boats. Typically, you’ll spend between one and two hours a week, at times convenient for you.
  • Outdoor Workdays: Too busy for a steady commitment? From early spring to when the first flakes fall, there are many opportunities to help out, including planting, weeding, and pruning, spring cleanups, and one-time “handy projects” we need help with. We can also schedule a day of service for your corporate team.  We are also building a trash patrol!  If you love to pick up litter and want to help protect Great Bay let us know and we will add you to the trash patrol list and call on you when we have a property in need!
  • Help Out at Great Bay’s Community Wildlife Garden: Looking to get outside and lend a hand, but need something flexible and independent?  We are looking for folks to join the watering crew for Great Bay’s Community Wildlife Garden in Stratham.  Watering is done with a hand pump well and watering cans or backpack sprayers.  Schedule is flexible and this would be a great project for families!  We are also looking for Weeding Warriors……this crew meets each Friday morning at 9 to tackle weeds.  You can help out every week, or once in while.
  • Stewardship Outreach-Get the Word Out: We are looking for volunteers who love the outdoors and public outreach to help us spread the word about two great Stewardship tpoics-Trails for People and Wildlife (TPW), and the Wildlife Garden.  All training is provided and volunteers will work with the Stewardship Coordinator to sign up to staff TPW events or give tours of the Wildlife Garden.  For more info about garden tours email Melissa and for info about Trails for People and Wildlife visit the website.
  • Workshop Hospitality: We often need help during our community workshops. Tasks include brewing coffee, doing dishes, tidying up, and taking pictures.

    Contact Melissa Brogle for more information or start filling out an application!