Workshop title

Webinar Summary: Using the NH Salt Marsh Plan to Advance Tidal Wetland Resilience
noon – 1pm, Tuesday, June 11

See: Webinar Recording

Webinar presented by:

  • Rachel Stevens, Stewardship Coordinator and Wildlife Ecologist with the Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve.
  • With comments from Kevin Lucey from the DES Coastal Program and Sarah Large from FB Environmental

Description: Squeezed between rising seas and landward development, many of New Hampshire’s tidal wetlands are in danger of disappearing. Deciding how to protect them requires the ability to conduct “apples to apples’’ comparisons of marshes across the coastal landscape. The New Hampshire Salt Marsh Plan was designed to meet that need. In this webinar, we reviewed the set of spatial planning tools and management guidance that are the core of the NH Salt Marsh Plan. We also shared a few real world examples of how the Plan has been used to help protect, restore or study salt marshes in NH.

Webinar references


Examples of the Salt Mash Plan in action that were discussed in the webinar


We encourage everyone to explore the Salt Marsh Plan resources on your own and complete a request form here if you’d like to discuss how to use the products or data for use in your restoration, land use planning and conservation work.