Tess Vennard

Staff Naturalist

Tess works as anaturalist here at the Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve andlooks forward to combining her interests in environmental science with public outreach every day.Tess is currently attending Great Bay Community College as an Environmental Science student and plans to transfer to UNH after graduating with her associatedegree next spring. Tess’s first visit to the Great Bay Discovery Center was on a field tripwith her secondgradeclass, making it even morespecial that she now gets to lead field trips for other students!She loves to be outdoors hiking, going for walks, and exploring, and her favorite place around Great Bay is the boardwalk early morningwhen there is plenty of wildlife to see. The creative environment that the education team provides has enabled her to be ambitious in developing craft programs, and Tess also enjoys Saturdays when she reads a stoop story and feeds the discovery tank animals a critter dinner.

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