eel grass in Great Bay

Funded!  New Research on Eelgrass in Great Bay.

The Great Bay NERR is excited to be a part of a new $550,000 grant that will provide critical information about the relationship between hydrodynamics, water quality and eelgrass in Great Bay. “Resilience and Positive Feedbacks: Water Quality Management and Eelgrass Health in the Great Bay Estuary, NH/ME,”was one of 12 projects selected for funding by NOAA’s National Estuarine Research Reserve System (NERRS) Science Collaborative, managed by the University of Michigan Water Center. This project will begin this September and continue for three years. Results from the three-year study will support decision making for regulated towns, state and federal agencies, and natural resource planners that are investing in water quality and estuarine habitat monitoring. The project is being led by the University of New Hampshire and GBNERR, the Piscataqua Regional Estuaries Partnership, and several community partners are going to help get the work done.  This project will build upon the work being done now by our Margaret A. Davidson fellow, Anna Lowein. Anna helped write the proposal, and the project will support her doctorate work at UNH. We are excited about what this research will do for our local communities, and we are thrilled to keep Anna here working in Great Bay alongside GBNERR.


-Anna Lowien, GBNERR Graduate Research Fellow

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