For kids who want to learn more about the natural world, including the wildlife that lives in and around Great Bay, this winter’s Bayventures grab ‘n’ go activity kits are a free, exciting, and self-guided way for families to discover the outdoors! Beginning on Monday, December 21 with “Winter Solstice” materials and then continuing into 2021, each week a different grab ‘n’ go activity kit will be available that contains background information and an activity or craft instructions. Each kit will support self-taught lessons and experiences for visitors on the grounds of the Great Bay Discovery Center at 89 Depot Road in Greenland.

The Bayventure grab ‘n’ go kits will be most engaging for families with children who are in grades 1-6 and can be found at the entrance to the Great Bay Discovery Center. Kits will feature topics including Project Feederwatch, Outside with Owls, Animal Adaptations in Winter, and more. Subjects will change weekly each Monday, and the supporting kits will be available through the following Sunday. Families can find additional information and ideas on the Reserve’s social media platforms @GreatBayNERR. Some activities will be appropriate to explore on the grounds of the Discovery Center while others can be enjoyed at home. Weekly themes will be listed in a Facebook event and on our website on the calendar of events.  The Great Bay Discovery Center’s grounds are open daily from dawn until dusk.

The Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve’s mission is to promote informed management of the Great Bay Estuary through linked programs of research, education, and stewardship. These programs enhance scientific understanding of the estuary and communicate this information to interested citizens and decision makers. The Reserve’s programs focus on management-relevant issues that are aligned with four priority topics: land conservation and stewardship, water quality, biological communities and habitats, and climate change impacts and adaptation. To learn more visit the Discovery Center page.