Help Us Keep Our Trails Safe and Open

In the wake of Covid-19 and its disruption to our daily lives, getting outside for a little nature therapy is so important!  Being in nature is proven to relieve stress and can also be great exercise.  But it is important to practice responsible recreation.

All of our trails remain open to the public dawn to dusk every day.  As the weather improves and visitation increases to our grounds, we ask that you please practice the same safety protocols on our trails as you would any other public place….wearing face coverings, practicing social distancing, avoiding crowds, and practicing good hand hygiene.  Face coverings are particularly important on the boardwalk at the Discovery Center property as that trail is very narrow.  We also ask that you practice social distancing from non-family groups if you use any picnic tables on our proterties, and please follow state guidance in regards to playgrounds when visiting the Discovery Center (the natural play area and the play boats are in essence a playground).  We also strongly urge you to choose typically quieter times for your visit.  Please be considerate of all visitors young and old while you are here, and help us keep our lands and trails open and safe!

Take advantage of the nice weather and maybe the extra time you have and get outside to explore and excercise!  Have fun and be safe, and help us maintain a safe environment for everyone.